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Childbearing is a beautiful experience for mothers, and the period before and post-delivery is very important for mothers and babies. After delivery, mothers deserve lots of care and attention. They also need sufficient hours of sleep to aid a speedy recovery.

In America, Night nurses or Newborn care specialists offer postpartum care specifically for newborns and create an opportunity for new mothers to rest and recuperate. 

Popularly called Night nurses or baby nurses, Newborn Care Specialists are trained to give postpartum help to families. 
Newborn Care Specialists in America offer help to new parents during the overnight hours so that they can get more sleep. Night nannies work with new parents starting the day they return from the hospital for 8-12 weeks. They come in the evenings and leave early in the mornings. Sometimes, night nurses also teach new mothers how to breastfeed and care for newborns, especially if it is their first time. 

In China, Postpartum is such a significant period that it is celebrated in the Chinese tradition. The Chinese postpartum program focuses on replenishing the mother's energy (Qi) and supporting their mental and physical recovery through rest, a healthy diet, and restriction of activities. 

The Chinese postpartum nurse called Yue Sao has duties that span from caring for the child, caring for the mother, cooking, and other activities that concern the mother and the newborn. They stay with the mother and baby every hour for 26 days (approx. one month).
Let us compare the features and duties of American postpartum nannies and Chinese postpartum nannies. 

Duties of the American Postpartum Nanny (Night nanny)
The duties of the Night nanny could range from several functions, both primary and secondary. However, they could include the following. 

  • Caring for the newborn overnight 
  • Feeding the newborn, and handing the baby to the mother for breastfeeding.
  • Changing diapers 
  • Doing the baby's laundries and bathing the baby
  • Establishing healthy sleeping and feeding habits for the baby
  • Washing the babies bottles
  • Directing new mothers on childcare tactics
  • Helping mothers and babies settle after leaving the hospital.

Duties of the Chinese Postpartum Nanny (Yue Sao)
The Chinese Postpartum nanny takes care of the child and the mother every hour of the day for 26 days. Some of their responsibilities include:

  • Preparing healthy meals for the mother and babies.
  • Teaching new mothers how to handle, breastfeed, and care for the newborn 
  • Offering companionship to mothers 
  • Establishing healthy sleeping and feeding habits for the newborn
  • Bathing and dressing the baby
  • Feeding and washing the baby's bottles
  • Washing babies clothes, arranging the child's play area
  • Paying attention to the baby's health, mental, and physical development. 

Differences between the American postpartum nannies (Night nanny) and the Chinese postpartum nannies (Yue Sao) 

One notable difference between the American and Chinese postpartum nannies is the time they spend with the family. The Chinese postpartum nanny spends 18-20 hours every day for a total of 26 days postpartum. On the other hand, the American postpartum nanny is primarily a night nanny who works for 12 hours (6 pm to 6 am) every day for a few days to a few months, depending on the agreement. 

Also, Chinese postpartum nannies expand their duties to involve cooking for the mother according to a list of healthy diets to help new mothers recuperate. They take special note of meals that help boost the immune system of mothers and improve the flow of breast milk.

Comparing the cost of American postpartum nannies and Chinese postpartum nannies cost? 
The average daily pay for a Chinese postpartum nanny is between $190 and $220. The daily pay is multiplied by the 26 days they render their services, which would be an average of $4940 per month.

The American postpartum nanny charges an hourly rate ranging from $25/hour to $80/hour or more depending on the number of activities they carry out or their qualifications. For example, a night nanny who works for 12 hours at $30/hour will earn $360 per night for their services. The monthly estimate for American night nurses is $9360

Why is a Chinese postpartum nanny best for you?

A Chinese postpartum nanny offers many services not covered by the regular night nanny. Postpartum nanny services run for 18+ hours, and they cater to both the needs of the newborn and the mother, including cooking and cleaning.

Chinese postpartum nannies are more affordable, more encompassing, and very health conscious. They are well-trained in child care and postpartum services and deliver exceptional services.

If you seek the best postpartum care, consider hiring a Chinese postpartum nanny to cater to your needs.

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