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Everything You Need To Know About Chinese Postpartum Nannies 
Chinese postpartum, also called confinement, is pretty close to what it sounds like. The Chinese call it Zuo Yue Zi, meaning "sit a month."

What Is Chinese Postpartum?
One month after delivery, a mother is confined to a house with her baby to rest and heal appropriately during their most crucial recovery period. In addition, there is also a strict "confinement diet" to be followed, and the postpartum mothers can only eat what is offered and nothing else.
Here is the best part: you get Chinese postpartum nannies, also known as confinement nanny or Yuesao, to offer you a companion for one month!

Why Do People Use Chinese Postpartum Nannies?

Many people choose to work with Chinese postpartum nannies because of many diverse reasons. First, confinement nannies take care of the baby and feed and soothe them in addition to changing their diapers.

Sometimes your close relative can choose to do the work, but it's recommended that you hire a professional who lives with you for a month.

Chinese postpartum mothers cook incredibly healthy whole grains, steamed vegetables, minimal salt, lean proteins, tons of fluid, and salts. This might sound crazy, but remember, mothers need a special diet during their confinement period.

Generally, postpartum care is essential for the following reasons.

  • Protect new mothers and children from infections throughout the postpartum period.
  • Prevent health complications affecting the new mothers.
  • It provides faster recovery after giving birth allowing the delivered mother to bounce back quickly.
  • Increase the overall enjoyment of motherhood.
  • It lessens feelings of fatigue and exhaustion in new mothers.
  • It leads to sufficient milk supply to the baby, which improves their health.

How Chinese Postpartum Nannies Work
The Chinese postpartum nannies will prepare all your motherhood meals, wash laundry, then cleans the baby toys and bottles, helps in tracking baby's bowel movements, and also feeding them as well as developing a routine for your baby; therefore, you don't have to stress it by yourself.

Where Can You Find Chinese Postpartum Nannies In The United States?
Chinese postpartum care is incredibly essential for an array of reasons. They go a long way in protecting the health of a new mother and the baby during the vulnerable times after giving birth. 

Are you thinking of a place where you can hire a professional Chinese postpartum nanny? AyiConnect is the place. We offer excellent postpartum care nannies to prevent possible escalation of health complications. AyiConnect provides considerable support to your family through a family helper. We cover all the physical and mental aspects that can impact a new mother. You can post a job or book them directly.

Each person is solely responsible for choosing an appropriate caregiver for their families or themselves, complying with all the applicable laws in connection with the employment relationship established.

Chinese is the most spoken language; also, Chinese nanny skills are sought after globally to be young children and mother strong companions. The quality of AyiConnect helpers and services are effective and dedicated to satisfaction.

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