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Parenting can often be a very rewarding and fulfilling experience, in more ways than one. Organizations are finally beginning to realize the importance of having working parents as part of their team. Apart from their sense of responsibility and support, working parents also have a positive approach to work that is often beneficial to the bottom line of the company. But what benefits and perks do these working parents get in return? Listed below are 10 perks of being a working parent in today's business world. 

1. Having paid parental leaves

Many organizations are stepping up in the area of paying their employees who are working parents. Although this is mandatory in some European countries, it is optional in countries like the United States of America. However, the percentage of paid parental leaves offered by companies in the U.S has gone up by 7% since 2016, according to a recent survey


2. Remote jobs and very flexible hours

For a long time, this has been a necessity for working parents when applying for jobs. This is because remote jobs allow working parents to work and spend more time with their kids. For jobs in which working remotely is not a very feasible possibility, flexible hours are the next best thing. Working parents are often looked upon favorably when determining the time employees need to come in and clock out. 


3. Family health benefits 

This is a very important benefit working parents enjoy. Access to fully covered medical care is a great perk most working parents enjoy. It is often a necessity for working parents when looking for new employment. As a working parent, you need to pay very close attention to the details of the health plan before signing any papers and accepting the job.


4. Stipends for child care 

This is a fast-spreading trend among top companies in Europe and the States. To ensure employees do not struggle with getting optimum child care, these companies allocate funds to help working parents get access to quality child care.



5. Assistance with College tuition 

College is perhaps one very area of parenting that attracts the most concern for working parents. College tuition goes up almost every year, making it hard for middle and lower-class working parents to be able to easily afford it. However, most companies are stepping in by offering assistance to working parents to make college a real possibility for their kids. 


 6. Assistance with payment of student loan debt

For working parents whose kids have already amassed student loan debts, some top companies now help with easing the burden on these working parents by offering to cover a part of the student loan debt. These companies even ensure that the assistance is tax-free and easily accessible to the working parent. 


7. Emergency daycare services

Looking for good daycare centers can be somewhat of a tussle, especially if you reside in areas populated by top companies. If you need to change your daycare out of the blue, or your babysitter calls in sick, and you're left with no other option but to take your kids to work, you can now leave them in the emergency daycare service offered by your company. This is a guaranteed stress reliever for most working parents. 



8. Shower with gifts and presents. 

Parenting can be a daunting challenge for working parents. And so it is always a welcomed change of pace when people assist working parents, especially ones new to parenting, with gifts and presents that will make the burden a lot easier to bear. 



9. Peer support groups

Although this is not a very common perk of working parents, it is practiced by a few companies both officially and unofficially and is one of the ways working parents can deal with stress from work and parenting. These peer support groups aren't just exclusively for working parents, but also for employees looking to have a child soon. 



10. Lactation support

Companies now offer free lactation consultancy with top lactation experts for new mothers on their payroll. They also go as far as offering services like breast milk shipping for working nursing mothers to enable them to go on work trips without any cause for panic.



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